Vision - From our vault

Published: Tue, November 30, 2010

When founding Unwritten Media, we originally came up with these descriptions about ourselves. Enjoy this collection of notes from our vault.

Elevator Pitch

Unwritten Media Inc. is a team of problem solvers. We blend relationships and technology to transform vision into reality.

The Vision

While technology makes difficult tasks simple, it also tends to complicate the easy stuff. Our vision is to work with our clients to provide the best solution possible. Sometimes that requires a complete turnkey system, and other times it is simply a blend of quality customer support and training.

The Reality

Unwritten Media Inc. is a fast growing technology corporation located in the Greater Dallas area. We manage solutions in several markets including media, healthcare, and nonprofits. Our green initiatives include our employees telecommute to work.

The Technology

Harnessing the power of the internet, Unwritten Media Inc. has the capability to provide solutions that are agile and relevant. Because we believe that small improvements are more readily accepted than revolutionary changes, we help our clients by incrementally improving our solutions as the needs of their business grow and evolve.

The Relationship

We know that happy clients are the key to our success. One of the founding principles of Unwritten Media Inc. is to get in the trenches with our clients and find out what they need to thrive. To make this happen, we will always provide the ability for our clients to receive as much hands on support as they require.

The Founder

Our president, Marshall Anschutz, has been a serial entrepreneur and problem solver for the past 15 years. He has solved problems for some of the largest venues in the world, including the Olympics, Tour de France, and some of the largest churches in the country. He is involved in daily operations, and expects to see Unwritten Media Inc. grow to a multi-billion dollar corporation which will give back to the community.

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