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Some of the fun stuff we have done.

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Realtor360 was an early pioneer of 360 degree imagery for real estate property listings.

VR Website Node.JS
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MHPOffice, and the MHPToolbox brand provided scheduling, customizable notes and forms, billing, electronic payment, and electronic claims processing.

This was the first tablet-native app that had a modern backend to support the changing regulations of the affordable care act.

In addition to providing website design, Unwritten Media successfully secured the site for the entire 8 years without a single security intrusion or exposure.

Healthcare HIPAA PCI Ruby X12
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Marshall & Jessalea have spoken to a number of counseling groups and practices about the importance of proper technology practices.

Their speaking even led to publishing in the AACC's quarterly magazine as a featured article for the quarter.

Healthcare Speaking
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If you ever need to use Linear Timecode (LTC) as either an input or an output to other systems, we have the software to make it happen using only a standard audio connection.

Our standard software has assisted many transcription houses, and production studios.

Additionally, the software framework has been integrated into a number of custom projects for clients, as well as purchased by clients for internal tools.

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